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Warning: Sorry folks, but PackBSP is no longer under active development, and it is not compatible with Steam’s new “SteamPipe” changes. If you are interested in helping fix or contribute to the project, please see open an issue or pull-request on the PackBSP Github page.

PackBsp is a program that makes it easy for mappers to embed custom models, textures, and other assets into their maps for games based on Valve’s Source engine. It does this by analyzing the map, determining exactly what custom content is being used and what dependencies might exist, and packaging everything into a single BSP file.

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PackBsp 2.0.5 (Mar 25th 2011)

PackBsp 2.0.4 (Nov 6th 2010)

PackBsp 2.0.3 (Aug 13th 2010)

(Alternate downloads may be available on Github.)



  • Works for all Source mods distributed on Steam, such as
    • Half Life 2
    • Half Life 2: Episode One
    • Half Life 2: Episode Two
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Day of Defeat: Source
    • Counter-Strike: Source
  • Supports custom content which includes (but is not limited to)
    • Models and model-skins
    • Materials and textures
    • Soundscapes and Sounds
    • Particles
    • Skyboxes
  • Uses the same data files Hammer does to find special entities. If you can pick a material or model in Hammer, PackBsp should detect it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Help! Something isn’t working!”

Please refer to the Readme file, or else visit the support page.

“What about Left 4 Dead or Alien Swarm?”

No, but hopefully soon. These games use their own SDK framework, as well as a variation on how they store files which makes things a bit trickier, and work is in progress to support these games in future versions.

“Can I use this on my Mac?”

No. I may be able to get it working on a Mac if someone helped to create a mac version of the HlLib library, but I do not currently have the time (nor do I own a Mac) to get it done.

“What about non-Steam mods like Neotokyo, Insurgency, or Dystopia?”

You can use PackBsp with these mods, however there is no way for it to tell which content is always distributed with the mod and which content is truly custom, requiring you to de-select many items to avoid packaging unnecessary content. Future versions will support these types of mods by allowing you to generate a list of the built-in assets.

“How is this better than Pakrat?”

  • Catches a much wider range of custom content.
  • PackBsp can tell the difference between a truly “missing” dependency versus one which is stored in the default game.
  • Pakrat stopped being developed in 2006, while PackBSP is more recent and open-source.

Thanks to:

  • Ryan “Nem” Gregg, for HlLib, which PackBsp uses to read and extract from GCF files
  • “da_fileserver”, from whose work I was able to find detail of the ClientRegistry.blob format
  • All the folks at and for their suggestions and testing

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