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Maven repository on Github

I've been spending some time updating maven build-scripts, making test-code more portable, and even added a maven repository on my github account.

The problem with "Maven Repositories" it is not always clear what is the minimum needed to distribute code versus what kind of management/proxy server software that someone wants to sell you. The minimum you need is really just a file structure!


Working on Hl2Parse: Learning Git, working with Preon

Working on Hl2Parse this week. I want to release it at some point, but I don't really want to stick with my own hodgepodge of code for reading binary files. Sure, it works, it's customizable, but I still think something could be better. Preon caught my eye a while back, and I'm going to try to rewrite my code to use it.

As a bonus, this offers me an opportunity to experiment with Git, which I've been meaning to learn for a while after being used to Subversion. It also offers some interesting possibilities when it comes to synchronizing work I might do on different computers.

Once I get existing binary file functionality (BSP, MDL, PHY, Clientregistry.blob, etc.) translated into Preon annotations, I can see about adding more detail to the MDLs and parsing PCF dependencies.