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Team Fortress 2 shipped with a map called ctf_2fort. While popular, many lament (or enjoy) that the map is prone to stalemates. I decided to see what kinds of changes I could make to improve the map while also learning the Source SDK mapping tool, Hammer.

CTF_2fort_revamp is the result. It fixes several outright bugs or asymmetries in the original map, and attempts to reward attackers and make the gameplay more fluid without wholly changing the defense-centric dynamic.

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  1. Mark O'Neill says

    Hello there!

    I’m an owner and administrator of a fairly popular 24/7 2fort server. Lately we’ve been experimenting with various 2fort variations (payload, koth, cp, etc) and modifications (night, rainy, snow, etc). I came across ctf_2fort_freak and really liked it. So did my community. I went searching for more maps that enhanced the basic gameplay elements of 2fort and found 2fort_revamp. I then read your post about 2fort_freak being b1 of revamp. I’m sorry that your map has been used without credit to you. Anyway, we would like to make 2fort_revamp a permanent part of our server’s rotation, but we could only find ctf_2fort_revamp_b3 as the highest version. Have you by chance created a final version of this map? The community would absolutely love it. If not, and you do not wish to continue this project, would it be possible for you to give me the VMF file and resources to continue development? I would, of course, credit you as the primary author of the map.

    Thank you!

    Server: Phoenix Team 2Fort Server (
    Current Server Rank: 301st (95th percentile)

  2. Darien says

    Sorry, only b3 so far… I have something ugly and half-finished for b4, but… well, I haven’t even *played* TF2 for a few months now. (After 1000+ hours, it was a good run.)

    I’ll see if I can find the files somewhere, I should’ve copied them over from my old computer.