I Wanted Orange (The machine would not make a mistake.)


District 9

Saw District 9 a while back. Good film, random thoughts, spoilers ahead:


Iron Man 2

Just went out and saw this with some friends. It was a good movie. Not as good as the original, but during certain points of the movie and while driving home I had some Fridge Logic moments that I'd like to unpack. Spoilers after the jump. (And I'll skip the predictable "physics doesn't work that way!" stuff.)



I took my siblings and a friend out to see Avatar (to disambiguate, the James Cameron version) at the huge local IMAX. It wasn't a bad film, but I think the storyline and set of characters was chosen to be as "safe" as possible while relying on the visuals to carry the movie. People are right when they point out that it closely parallels a lot of other stories and movies. That said, it's a step up from some of the horrible CGI-centric movies that have been foisted upon the public. There were some things which bothered me...