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CTF_2fort_Revamp_b3 released

The Beta-3 release of ctf_2fort_revamp is out. For anyone asking: “WTF is that?” it’s an “improved” version of CTF_2fort designed to be less stalemate-prone… To make it a bit more fun to capture the flag than to simply defend it.

You can download it from FpsBanana GameBanana. Edit: If that doesn’t work, grab the local copy.

The main changes from Beta-2 are…

  • Much reduced filesize due to better shadow handling. (Required lots and lots of tweaking.)
  • More size-reduction because B3 will not be HDR-enabled, because I think longer download times are currently a bigger problem for people than not having HDR lighting.
  • Better performance across the whole map, due to fixing an issue involving the rotating clouds in the skybox.
  • Changed the ramps out of the water yet again.
  • The underwater tunnel has more decoration and lights to help orient players.
  • Altered layout near main spawns to weaken certain sentry positions.

Known issues/concerns:

  • Using a sentry (which is taller than a dispenser) Engineers can leap onto the new tall obstacles near their main spawn. Judged a non-issue since it opens them up to being Ambassador’ed from outside their sentry’s range, and while it gives them an interesting perch it also sharply limits their potential sentry placements.
  • The new upper gallery in the intel room is a bit cramped, yes… but that’s intentional, an attempt to provide attackers the maximum possible ways to edge a sentry using the computer equipment there to shield themselves. If it’s not working for the purposes of taking down a sentry which is within the intel room, then I’ll revisit it.
  • There will be some shadows which are better than the original 2fort, and some which are worse. I’m hoping that 98% of the time nobody can even tell if some shadow is “unrealistic”. If you find something you really don’t like, post a screenshot and it’ll be fixed up for B4.

On the subject of file sizes, here’s a comparison between two of Valve’s maps (2fort and doublecross) against various versions of 2fort_revamp. I’ll be putting the non-HDR (blue bar) version up for downloading, but the final will have HDR. (The purple bar.) Using bzip2 (for a .bsp.bz2 extension) on the map brings it down an incredibly low 11 megabytes. That’s a third the size of B2, although it’s without HDR.

I think people want the blue one.

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