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2fort_revamp is more popular than I thought… when you count the renamed ripoff.

Someone accused me of making minor changes to a map called ctf_2fort_freak today. OK, it was a while ago, but I only noticed I had youtube messages to moderate today.

Turns out the folks at The Gamers Playground have two “2fort Freak” servers. The only problem? It’s a direct copy of ctf_2fort_revamp_b1, which I released on FPSBanana back in July 2009. It’s even got the spots where you can fly around and see my name. I should emphasize that it’s entirely possible the folks running the server don’t know it, and that instead some unscrupulous player presented a renamed file to them.

Hey, that's MY map...

So I’m feeling a bit conflicted. Somewhat pissed, and somewhat happy that people like the ideas behind ctf_2fort_revamp more than the statistics would suggest.

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  1. Jeziah says

    YOU made 2fort_freak?! OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU!!!! Did you make 2fort_freak_2, or was that an adapted version? Because you wouldn’t believe how fast the TGP community had that map pulled and replaced with 2fort_freak again xD
    Just in case it wasn’t clear, me and my pals on the TGP 2fort_freak servers (there are at least 2) all love the map more than we can express.

    Hmm, in the intel rooms there is a console that will display the name of the map’s creator… I can’t remember who it said, but if whoever renamed your map and distributed it had the balls to put their name on it, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find him and disclaim him publicly >:)

  2. Darien says

    I’m afraid I haven’t seen 2fort_freak_2, so I don’t know what “real” map it might actually be. It might be ctf_2fort_revamp_b2, in which case the biggest change would be new tunnel that leads from the top of the spiral down into the sewers for escaping with the intel.

    Regarding the easter-egg, yeah, that’s me. Whoever renamed it just renamed the file. Back when I was adding it, I thought: “Gee, am I being too paranoid/vain in doing this?”

    Apparently not… at least not too paranoid, anyway ;)