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PackBSP 2 Beta 2

Here’s a new Beta version, building on the previous one. Main changes/fixes:

  • Should have 64-bit support now.
  • Has an executable launcher which should make it easier for people to run.
  • Log window improvements. Color-coding, auto-scrolling, popup on error.
  • Less picky about broken SDK environments (“the source2007 problem”)
  • Improved packing screen, integrated file-picking and color-coding to show missing files

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Known issues:

  • When clicking “Next” on the packing-pair screen, the notification box for errors tends to start very small and needs to be manually resized to see anything.
  • Some Source SDK installations are in a broken state due to some of Valve’s patches a while back. This is a legitimate error condition that the user needs to fix. Please ensure that you can launch Hammer for a game and/or game-engine before reporting that PackBSP cannot work for that same game.
  • Some particle manifests are not recognized because they don’t have a space between “File” and the path to the PCF.

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