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More fixes for 2.0.3

I had hoped to release 2.0.3 today to solve the model-gibs issue, but two last-minute bugs are going to push the timeline out a bit.  I need to add custom code to handle two “weird” Hammer entities whose dependencies are not being detected:

  • env_projectedtexture
  • env_screenoverlay

It’s possible I may skip env_projectedtexture entirely, since it relies on the hard-to-analyze I/O system to set a VTF.

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  1. PosTi91 says

    Hi, I just want to thank you for this work. The PackBSP works really nice. It’s true that it is better than PakRat: it doesn’t include the materials of the models of orangebox engine (I was going crazy :S), but your program does :) . I felt very happy when I know that the last version was release 2 days ago. Continue with the develop. Thank you again :) .