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Hl2parse & FGDs

Recently someone asked if they could use my FGD-parsing code, so I’m working on re-organizing the Hl2Parse code-base.

What I’d like to do is release it as a series of connected Maven modules to avoid burdening anybody with unnecessary dependencies. For example, someone who “just” wants to parse an MDL file doesn’t need to pull in all the dependencies (like ANTLR) that would be involved in FGD parsing.

So the modules would probably be something like:

  • Text-parsers (VDF/FGD)
  • Data representation (VDF/FGD classes, used by all other modules)
  • Model binary parsing (MDL, PHY)
  • Map binary parsing (BSP)
  • ClientRegistry.blob binary parsing
  • Higher-level utilities for soundscapes, materials, and comparing FGDs against map-entity data.

The emphasis, however, is just on the FGD stuff for now.

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