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Still alive…

Not many updates recently, sorry.

  • PackBsp 2.0.4 is still on the back-burner.
  • I was pretty sick this week.
  • TF2 had their polycount update, so spent some time checking out what new weapons I could get my hands on.
  • I’m playing Minecraft. Way too much. There’s something very satisfying about swiss-cheesing a mountainside and slowly creating a terraced fortress.

Regarding minecraft, I’ve put it onto a USB stick so I can use it in my laptop as well, and I figured I’d share a quick launcher batch file that forces it to store all Minecraft-related data in the same spot as the launcher to create a “portable minecraft”. You still need to be able to log-in, though.

for %%F in (%0) do set dirname=%%~dpF
set APPDATA=%dirname%
cmd minecraft.exe /C

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