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Should have a new version of PackBSP soon…

PackBSP 2.0.4 will primarily be a bug-fix release. I delayed it a bit (due to other programming projects and obsessions) and I’m going to delay it just a liiiitle bit more.

With the recent TF2 Halloween update, a bug in HlLib (upon which PackBSP relies) has been discovered involving large (>4gb)  GCF files. So I’m going to wait for that to be fixed, update and check that jHlLib works,  and then ship 2.0.4 with the newer libraries.

Update: HlLib 2.4.0 was released today (Tuesday Nov 2nd), but I have to do things like vote and attend certain festivities, so I’m aiming for PackBSP 2.0.4 (and new version of JHlLib) sometime around Friday.

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