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PackBSP 2.0.4 Released

Please see the project-page for download links.

This release is primarily small bug-fixes. Unfortunately,
screening out non-used static-prop skins is still not working until I
puzzle out more of the MDL format, sorry.


  • Feature: Tries to auto-detect the Steam directory from the
    Windows Registry.

  • Fix: Issue where if the same file exists in the game
    directory and in the GCFs, it was being unnecessarily packed, even
    if the file content is identical. Now such “harmless duplicates” are ignored and not
    packed. (This is particularly important for TF2 maps using the old
    Swamp Pack assets became officially adopted.)

  • Fix: Issue where model-skin paths contained an extra slash
    due to how the QC options where written prior to compile.

  • Fix: VMTs legitimately provided in place of SPR files are now
    parsed correctly to find depended-upon materials/textures.

  • Fix: Clientregistry.blob is no longer directly read, but
    instead copied to a temporary file to avoid conflicts with
    concurrent Steam operations. This can still fail if Steam is in the
    middle of updating or downloading game data, but the error message
    should be much clearer now.

  • Fix: Upgraded to use HlLib 2.4.0, fixing an issue where HlLib
    could not extract from GCFs over 4gb in size.

Known issues:

  • Ensure you have re-run the Source SDK and/or any mods you are working with
    before using this program, because Valve occasionally updates their SDK and everything is in a broken-state
    until their software is re-run.
  • “Locked” variations of TF2 control-point hud
    icons (ending in _locked.vmt) are not discovered for
    team_control_point. This is due to hidden behavior of the TF2
    engine, and will require additional work to add “plug-ins”
    that can solve this in an extensible manner.

  • Textures that are needed for custom particles are not
    detected. This will require more work to parse PCF files.

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