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Miscellaneous updates

Mainly focused on my day job right now, with a bunch of projects gently simmering and making me feel guilty they're not being done.

  • Adding SLF4J logging to my github branch of Preon
  • Getting a working Preon-based parser for Valve's DMX format (with a further focus on PCF particle definition files.)
  • I'd like to try making something with Processing.js that helps compare and contrast weapons in the game Battlefield:BC2
  • Learning to make a Blender animation, visualizing the control scheme of BC2 helicopters as the topic.
  • An improved version of ctf_2fort_revamp (particularly since the Engineer Update weapons have altered the balance in some areas.)
  • An improved version of ctf_2fort_fixup (backported features from Revamp, like moving clouds.)
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  1. A new 2fort_revamped? If I had a reliable source of income I swear I would host a server for that. The last server that had revamped (under the name “freak”) disappeared a while ago, to the severe disappointment of the players who kept it populated 24/7.
    A damn good map

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