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The Formal Grammar you never learned in School

Worked on PackBsp a bit today. Indirectly.

I’m rewriting my ANTLR grammars for Valve‘s data formats, since I’m now trying to parse some new file types. Valve’s own SDK framework has a bunch of configuration data that I’d like to be able to get at. Namely, information in the SDK’s GameConfig files and inside the FGD files. Using those together, I can begin to create my own tool-launcher which is able to automatically know a lot more about the SDK environment.

The end-goal, of course, is for PackBsp to automatically gather all the entity information for maps. (Such as custom sounds which play when you enter a certain area.) If someone creates a new mod, PackBsp will automatically support it once it’s been wired up to the SDK. More up-front work, less maintenance later.

One other belated announcement:  I’ve been relying on HlLib in order to access Steam’s compressed archive files. Of course, this is a Windows DLL, and I’m programming in Java, but it’s not entirely a Shakespearean tragedy. Through the magic of JNA you can bridge the two. Since it’s been a while since I’ve needed to change it, I’ve gone ahead and released JHlLib on the off-chance that somebody else has a similar need in the future.

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