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Profiles loading, now integrating new dependency graph

PackBSP’s profile-loading (a nested Spring ApplicationContext, really) is well underway, but I’m adding another level of indirection (some data-holding classes) to avoid too tight of an integration with certain HL2Parse innards. My main goal right now is to geta build which reproduces most of the current dependency-crawling features, and then worry later about how components are going to merge/override specific configuration data, like recognized shader parameters.

This will also mean integrating and testing the new dependency-graph classes, which unlike the old version are able to model crawling multiple maps at once, where each map may potentially have its own copy of a named asset in its pakfile. This is done by allowing multiple edges in the graph (directed acyclic multigraph) where each edge corresponds to the context of a particular map. In this way most nodes will be shared across maps (avoiding duplication of effort) but differences can still be modeled by having certain nodes only connected through map-specific edges.

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