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Resuming ctf_2fort_revamp_b3

A while back I decided that I wanted to learn how to make new maps in Source engine, specifically for TF2. Since it was my first exposure to map-making I decided to pick a learning-project where I could work incrementally. One of the stock maps for TF2, ctf_2fort is both loved and hated, although both sides will often agree it has something to do with how prone it is to non-tense stalemates.

More below the fold.

So yes, it’s mostly un-original, but I think it’s a unique challenge to work within an existing map, finding creative solutions to tactical issues when you are faced with constraints in terms of how spaces are already used.

Anyway, I’m revisiting the work I did a few months back for version Beta-3, after releasing ctf_2fort_revamp_b2 (“Beta 2”) on FpsBanana. (There’s also a huge thread of pictures, debate, and revisions in the Steam Forums.)

The third... fourth... an iteration for the "ramps up out of water" idea

The goal is to make a way out of the water which is shorter than walking back through your own team’s sewers… Without making something almost easier/safer to use than the central bridge.

Note that the gap below the fence cannot be entered, I still need to choose a piece of fencing or some sort of suitable obstruction.

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