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More GcfDiffer output

So comparing my GCFs from the 20th with today, the 27th...
  • multiplayer ob binaries.gcf
  • team fortress 2 materials.gcf
  • team fortress 2 client content.gcf
  • team fortress 2 content.gcf
  • episode two content.gcf
  • portal content.gcf
  • source 2007 binaries 2.gcf
  • source 2007 shared materials.gcf
And some new GCFs were created (probably mostly old content being refactored) as Valve updates their older properties.
  • episode one 2007 content.gcf
  • half-life 2 2007 base content.gcf
Most of it is predictable from the changelog. However...
  • Several maps now have .mov introductions as well as .bik. I guess for some reason Bink video wasn't usable with TF2 on a Mac platform, so Valve has made quicktime versions.
  • I see there is now talk in the hud about QualityColorSelfMade, probably relating to this blog post.
  • Some folks on Reddit have already noticed that the changes to tf\materials\HUD\d_images.vtf implies some new ways to hurt people. (Unfortunately scripts/mod_textures.txt doesn't have information on the new mystery icons.
Otherwise, nothing really interesting.

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