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Valve changed their data: Mac support

Hit a small wrinkle in PackBSP.  Sometime in the last few weeks Valve changed something about the format for clientregistry.blob and my code was complaining. (It probably would’ve worked fine but I put in some paranoid assertions.) It didn’t take too long to fix, but I figured someone might be interested in the findings.

  1. Each application (ex. Team Fortress 2, appid=440) has a list of dependencies. That dependency list now carries an extra string of information for the OS, either “windows” or “macos”.
  2. This means that Mac-specific GCFs exist. For example:
    • 316: Multiplayer OB Mac Binaries
    • 451: Team Fortress 2 Mac
  3. As you might imagine, most of the preexisting GCFs have been marked “windows” except for those that only have sounds, materials, models, etc, which are platform-agnostic. So good news mappers: All those visual assets are definitely shared.

I can’t say PackBSP will be mac-ready in its entirety (in some ways I know it is not) but there’s something sort of cool when some future-proofing really comes together.

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