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Takin’ New Ground in PackBSP

As I mentioned earlier, Valve’s been updating some of the SDK stuff, which means I have to play catch-up supporting these new things before I can really get my momentum back for PackBSP 2.  In addition to the @MaterialExclusion and @AutoVisGroup sections, it seems that @FilterClass is a new part of the FGD lexicon, to support some TF2 features.

So I’ve managed to rewrite the FGD parsing code in such a way that it should be a lot more friendly for a hypothetical future where Valve adds a new @ArbitraryPurposeClass, as long as it fulfills the same expectations  that the other class declaration sections do.

With that out of the way I can get back to putting in a GUI for a beta release. Except for the interface for customizing which files you want to pack, the user generally just has to choose things and click ‘next”.

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