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PackBSP: Just the GUI now

Well, I’m happy with PackBSP right now. It does everything I want it to… as long as you’re willing to hardcode the answers to things like “Which game do you want to package for”. Sometime in the next month I hope to get around to making a GUI that’ll put it into Beta status, but right now there’s a lot of stuff at work that’s taking priority when it comes to creative energies. Off-kilter mind-bending Javascript rich application asynchrony.

Back in terms of PackBSP… in the words of William Stafford, the solution to writer’s block is “Lower your standards and keep writing.” I may have to go ahead and take that route and deliberately give up the seductive vision of a GUI done the “right way”. Use some of that fancy hokery-pokery “Agile” methodology the kids are all talkin’ about these days.

Dang, I’m losing ground!

It turns out that Valve has recently added some new stuff with their “Steam for Mac” business phase. There are new sections to the FGD files (see wiki) and it seems that instead of Episode 1 and Orange Box engines, they are now showing three, with new labels:

  • “Source 2006” (ep1)
  • “Source 2007” (source2007)
  • “Source 2009” (orangebox)

I’m guessing they created the source2007 category specifically to hold games (such as HL2:Ep2) which are not being moved forward onto their new cross-platform-buildable engine. The engine differences should be a really fast fix. Since I rewrote everything to read the Source SDK data files, all I have to do is change the “SdkEngine” enum.  The FGD stuff might take a little bit longer, especially if the new sections have any inheritance/override rules when multiple FGDs are layered together.

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