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Iron Man 2

Just went out and saw this with some friends. It was a good movie. Not as good as the original, but during certain points of the movie and while driving home I had some Fridge Logic moments that I’d like to unpack. Spoilers after the jump. (And I’ll skip the predictable “physics doesn’t work that way!” stuff.)

  1. Why was there ever a problem with Palladium? We know from the first movie that Tony Stark doesn’t even need jiggawatts of power in order for his chest-piece to serve an anti-shrapnel purpose. Originally it was powered by car batteries! Also, we know from the existence of the other suits that the user doesn’t need to have a power-source implanted in their chest either.All Stark needs to do is use rechargeable batteries in his chest, and use a separate “dirty”  power generator somewhere else within the suit itself. I mean, he’s egotistical, but is he so egotistical that he can’t conceive not being a glowing human powerplant if it means his own gradual death?
  2. When Stark is at Monaco, how does Vanko know to find him on the racetrack? Heck, neither his occasional-confidante nor his new secretary had any clue until he was already racing, but Vanko has already planned his way into getting a pit-stop uniform and everything.
  3. Why does Pepper sit around in the empty destroyed ruins of the convention hall? It’s not like she even has a command-center or anything, she’s just a lady standing on the steps. Not coordinating or helping or even able to effectively watch anything.
  4. OK, I know the drones were hacked… But who was the person who used their own little fingers to pack them full of live ordnance when they were going to be on-stage in front of a bunch of civilians? Even if your system is hack-proof, it just isn’t done.

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