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A peek into Valve’s updates

Today Valve released a patch for TF2, but strangely the download monitor says it weighed in at about 100 megabytes. What’s in there? About a week ago I went ahead and adapted some jhllib code to log data about the updates, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try it out. So what changed between the 13th and the 19th?

  • tf\bin\server.dylib
  • tf\bin\
  • tf\scripts\items\items_game.txt
  • hl2\cfg\config_default.cfg
  • hl2\resource\ClientScheme.res
  • hl2\scripts\HudLayout.res
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\Downsample_nohdr_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\aftershock_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\aftershock_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_blended_pass_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_blended_pass_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_blended_pass_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\decalmodulate_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\downsample_nohdr_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\emissive_scroll_blended_pass_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\emissive_scroll_blended_pass_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\emissive_scroll_blended_pass_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\engine_post_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\eye_refract_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\flesh_interior_blended_pass_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\flesh_interior_blended_pass_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\teeth_bump_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\teeth_flashlight_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\teeth_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_and_unlit_generic_bump_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_and_unlit_generic_bump_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_and_unlit_generic_bump_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vortwarp_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vortwarp_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vortwarp_ps30.vcs


  • bin\bugreporter_filequeue.dll
  • bin\engine.dll
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_lighting_only_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_lighting_only_ps20b.vcs

As you can see, the changes seem to pretty closely track the posted patch notes. Shaders, bug reports, HUD elements… And many of the shaders increased in size, perhaps  with a lot of conditional code for Mac compatibility?

However, the size changes don’t seem to match what Steam is showing. It’s possible Steam’s download status screen is wrong, or includes CS:S beta content which was skipped for me… Or I’m just not looking in the right places. Hmmm.

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  1. Ed says

    a patch*

  2. Darien says

    Yeah yeah ;)