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A peek into Valve’s updates

Today Valve released a patch for TF2, but strangely the download monitor says it weighed in at about 100 megabytes. What’s in there? About a week ago I went ahead and adapted some jhllib code to log data about the updates, so it seemed like a good opportunity to try it out. So what changed between the 13th and the 19th?

  • tf\bin\server.dylib
  • tf\bin\
  • tf\scripts\items\items_game.txt
  • hl2\cfg\config_default.cfg
  • hl2\resource\ClientScheme.res
  • hl2\scripts\HudLayout.res
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\Downsample_nohdr_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\aftershock_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\aftershock_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_blended_pass_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_blended_pass_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_blended_pass_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\cloak_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\decalmodulate_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\downsample_nohdr_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\emissive_scroll_blended_pass_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\emissive_scroll_blended_pass_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\emissive_scroll_blended_pass_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\engine_post_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\eye_refract_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\flesh_interior_blended_pass_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\flesh_interior_blended_pass_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\teeth_bump_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\teeth_flashlight_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\teeth_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_and_unlit_generic_bump_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_and_unlit_generic_bump_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_and_unlit_generic_bump_ps30.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vortwarp_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vortwarp_ps20b.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vortwarp_ps30.vcs


  • bin\bugreporter_filequeue.dll
  • bin\engine.dll
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_lighting_only_ps20.vcs
  • hl2\shaders\fxc\vertexlit_lighting_only_ps20b.vcs

As you can see, the changes seem to pretty closely track the posted patch notes. Shaders, bug reports, HUD elements… And many of the shaders increased in size, perhaps ¬†with a lot of conditional code for Mac compatibility?

However, the size changes don’t seem to match what Steam is showing. It’s possible Steam’s download status screen is wrong, or includes CS:S beta content which was skipped for me… Or I’m just not looking in the right places. Hmmm.

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  1. Ed says

    a patch*

  2. Darien says

    Yeah yeah ;)