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PackBsp 2.0.1 : Bugfix

PackBsp’s project page has been updated with 2.0.1. Fixes an issue with not automatically including materials used by infodecal or info_projecteddecal entities. (Thanks to Grocel.)

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  1. Jason says

    Sweet as.

    When will you be supporting custom overviews/radars?

  2. Grocel says

    Nice, it works fine now. :D

    Saving the steam folder path, would be nice, it’s pretty annoying to enter the steam folder every time. ;)

    And don’t forget to add the multiply manual file adding.

  3. Darien says

    Jason: It should be easy enough to add in 2.0.2. I just need to find out what filename patterns (like “overviews/mapname.vmt”) that it needs to look for. Later on I plan to implement something to make these kinds of mod-specific includes modular and user-editable.

    Grocel: I’ll look into saving the Steam folder: Right now all it really saves are window positions/sizes. Regarding adding multiple files… My feeling is that if the user has to enter multiple files, I’ve probably done something wrong, and should fix it by making the program detect those files in the first-place.

    If you reeeealy need to paste a bunch of stuff in right now, there’s the “manual editing” feature at the second-to-last step where you can directly edit the data that gets sent to bspzip.

  4. TopHATTwaffle says

    Wow, This is great! I love this so much more then PakRat. It catches all my custom stuff, where pakrat lacks after the CSS update! If its okay with you I’d like to throw this up on my site as a mirror! lemme know man.

  5. Darien says

    Thanks, but I don’t really need a mirror. If you just link people to the project page then they’ll be able to always get the latest version.

  6. Grocel says

    Yeah, it’s better then pakrat.
    But it doesn’t pack materials given in $hdrbaseTexture of a material. (see materials/skybox/militia_hdr*)

    I don’t thing that this bug report needs to be emailed. ;)

  7. Darien says

    D’oh, it catches $hdrcompressedtexture but not $hdrbasetexture. Will be fixed in next release, but that might take a bit since I’m in the middle of adding user-configurable map-includes. (For example, materials/overviews/%m_radar.vmt for CS:S radar overlays.)

    As a stopgap fix, the settings for materials are already user-configurable inside conf/materials.xml. Just add in $hdrbasetexture following the pattern for $hdrcompressedtexture.