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PackBsp 2.0 release

After marinating in a few betas, 2.0 is out. Does it have all the features I wish it had? No, but it’s probably a bit more stable because of the feature-freeze.

Visit the project page for the latest download links.


  • Program recovers better from corrupt/blank SDK configurations.
  • Allows renamed Steam directory
  • Default GUI logging is less verbose, enabled a check-box to regain old behavior.
  • Replaced graphic placeholders and icons with better images.

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3 Responses

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  1. Grocel says

    Why you can’t choose multiply files and it doesn’t pack decals materials?

  2. Darien says

    You mean, multiple BSP files? Usually you only need to do one at a time. People making custom mods may have a lot of files, but in their case they generally distribute the content in a different way, since the same stuff is typically shared by many maps and individual packing would take extra space.

    It ought to cover both decals and overlays. If it isn’t working for you, please submit a bug report.

  3. Grocel says

    I mean choosing multiply files for custom adding. I will may write a bug report for the decals.