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PackBsp 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2 is out on the project page.


  • Feature: New user-editable config file defines what map-name-based files (like AI navigation or overviews) are pulled in for different games or engines. Please report any issues with this, since it is somewhat rough around the edges.
  • Bug: Fixed issue with not finding uncompressed HDR skybox materials (credit: Grocel)
  • Bug: Fixed not including  custom map overviews and radars (credit: Jason)

Next steps:

There’s one part of PackBsp which has bugged me for a while now: How it behaves after it has examined the map and all the dependencies.

If you add something manually, you are adding it as a single item. If you tell it to package a VMT material file, it will not look at that file and automatically package the VTF texture file. I’m trying to figure out whether changing this is worth the complexity.

What I may do is treat it as an issue of communication, where I need to make it very clear that the “search and find everything related” magic does not apply past the main “Check Dependencies” step. Why? Because I think a common problem case will be this:

  • The map may optionally include materials\mapname_overview.vmt
  • The file is not present in the right place, so PackBsp doesn’t see it.
  • The user says: “Oh yeah, I forgot to move that to the right place.” and tells PackBsp to pull the file in c:\stuff\mapname_overview.vmt and use that.
  • The VMT references materials\overview1.vtf

Where does PackBsp look for that file? Does it look in c:\stuff\ or in c:\stuff\materials\? The path isn’t relative from the VMT to the VTF, but instead is relative to an unknown root folder. And if a similar file is in both place… The ambiguity isn’t easy to resolve.

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6 Responses

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  1. Jason says

    Ok sweet.

  2. Jason says

    Is it possible to make a update feature on the program so it checks for new updates on start up and lets you know if you are running a old version.

    Or maybe a auto-update feature where it simply updates by itself.

  3. Darien says

    Possibly an update notification, but unlike some software with significant security concerns (ex. web browsers) I’m not sure it’s worth it.

    On the other hand, I’d be able to get an idea about usage levels because I could see which requests come in to the web-server to do the checks… Tempting…

  4. Jason says

    You should get PackBsp up on FPSBanana in the tools section.

    You will get a lot more exposure there.

  5. Darien says

    Aaaaaand done.

  6. Jason says


    But you should put a link to this website on the description of the tool.