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“Will I Blend?”

Partly spurred on by the Art-pass contest, and partly by a lull at work, I’m (re-)starting my attempts to learn Blender and create custom models for TF2.

I have very little experience detailing maps–barring some narrow types of optimization– and I’m slightly worried I won’t have time to actually implement the story and setting I want to create after I spend time learning how to do it.

On that note, I hope to also take some time to revisit how PackBsp handles models. It is deficient when it comes to:

  • Skins for models with “sub-model” pieces
  • Gibs for models when they are destroyed

At least to get the gib-data, it seems I need to write code to read the binary .PHY files. They appear to have less documentation than most of the other stuff so far, so I’ll probably have to tinker a lot in a hex-editor.

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