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Working on L4D2 support

I think the next step in PackBSP will be L4D2 support, which may require some architectural changes, given that L4D2 has it’s own separate SDK rather than being just another game handled by the Source SDK launcher.

  • Change how SDKs, engines, and games are detected so it can detect and use the L4D(2) Authoring tools rather than assuming SourceSDK
  • If working on an addon campaign map, the include-path where it looks for files ought to include that addons directory
  • Change the final packing step so that the user can choose to:
    1. Save to a file format (res file, bspzip list)
    2. Use BSPZIP right away (current behavior)
    3. Copy files to the correct places in a folder (so that a VPK can be created)
  • Update map-includes (loading screens, map overviews)
  • Update “special” map entities that aren’t covered by the FGD, document those that can’t be supported at this time
  • Update known material shader properties

Once I have L4D2 support in place, the original L4D  and/or Alien Swarm should both be quite a bit easier to add.

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