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PackBSP, configurability, and Spring IoC

As PackBSP has grown, I’ve tried to keep certain things “softcoded” in configuration files, firstly to make more problems user-solvable, and secondly to support people making maps for new games and mods which I haven’t personally encountered. For example, the list of VMT shader parameters can get new additions as games are patched, and some mods may incorporate things like level overviews.

Working on support for multiple SDKs/Engines/Mods, I think the effort I’ve put into these configuration options (which are starting to multiply and cross-cut) runs the risk of “reinventing the wheel”…. So I am considering rewiring PackBSP to use some minimal parts of the Spring Framework instead. (No, PackBSP is not becoming a web-application.)

My hope is that this will allow a broad, consistent, and easier route for configuration, which reduces the barrier tech-savvy users face when it comes to getting PackBSP to work just right with an obscure game or new mod.

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